Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Time to do some baking...

This post really has nothing to do with actual baking, more like wishing I could bake. I do make homemade cookies quite often but when it comes to breads or cake, I just go to the store. However, I'm going to have to start baking now because I found the most absolute darling Sunbeam Mixmaster at a thrift store.

I've been coveting my friends RED Kitchen Aid mixer for some time now, but I wanted it in turquoise. So of course I went on Ebay and couldn't believe that I would have to pay over $200. for one. I don't bake that much. So I gave up my dream. Now I was raised by a very thrifty mother, and she always says "think about what you want and you will eventually find it at a yardsale or thrift store".  Well she's right!

This cost me $8.99 at a thrift store that I don't go to very often, now I have to put them on my thrifting route.

 I know it's not turquoise but this mint green is just so lovely. The only sad thing is that the bowl and some of the attachments were missing. Another score I bought this week was a large yellow Pyrex bowl. I looooove Pyrex, I've been collecting Pyrex for about 5 years. I was just staying with the turquois and red but I've decided to branch out and collect every color I find. This bowl cost me $5.00, it's worth anywhere from $18. -$25 depending on the antique store, and I think it looks beautiful paired with the mixer.

The best part is that the mixer works perfectly. Now I'm on the search for the attachments....and some recipes.
Have a beautiful week and....

Happy Thrifting!!!

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