Monday, January 25, 2010

Flower Power

 The snow is melting..

and yesterday was the first day I could really drive the car. I was so excited to go thrifting that I bundled up and shot out the door blowing a kiss to hubby...peeled away in my actually I drove very slowly due to the ice..I felt like peeling away though. My heart was pounding, my hands were sweating...I'm finally going to get my fix! It's been what 4...5 days? I don't know I lost count. So about a 1/4 mile past my house was a car right in the middle of the road. Apperently the driver lost control on the ice and hit the pile of snow on the side of road. I got out to see if I could help, and saw his wife coming down their steep driveway....this is going to go bad. Sure enough just as I was heading back to my car to get my snow shovel (my car gets stuck a lot, I just carry one with me now) I hear the lady (by lady I mean about 70 years old) scream, I turn just as she lands and starts sliding down the driveway! Her husband ran to her, I walked her-I was wearing Vans, the old guy would've had to girls to pick up if I would've ran. Anyway, we helped her up and she told me that she just got out of her cast from breaking her foot during the last snow storm...falling on the driveway! When I'm old and if I buy another house, I am not getting one with a steep driveway. Where was I? oh, so the couple got their car out, the bruised, limping wife makes it back up the driveway (refusing help from me or her husband) And I'm off again, on my way to my fave thrift store...I arrive only to notice the gate is closed! Ok, now if I can get MY car out of the snow, surely someong could've showed up to open.............ohhhhh today's Sunday. My favorite store isn't open on Sunday's!!! I almost cried...really I almost did.

So I decided go to another one that I thought might be open and they were. But here's the deal: my fave thrift store has amaaaazing 1.00 a dress .25 for all other clothing and 3.00-5.00 for coats. Most houseware items are about .25. So I only had $9.00 on me which is like $50.00 in my fave thrift store and this other store that was open on Sundays is known for having the highest prices. I found a wonderful Pyrex bowl but it was 5.99 and had rust stains so I didn't get that. I saw amazing dresses and coats that I lusted after but couldn't buy. So I left with some cute (not vintage) spice container in chartreuse, pink, orange and teal...and they're magnetic. And a cute hillbilly mug that had this hillbilly dude laying down by a shed while his wife is out plowing the field with a mule that says "Ma come git your coffee" its so cute. I'll take pictures later because I can't find my camera card right now.

Now, why did I title this "flower power" here's why:

I found this wonderful Samsonit suitcase at my fave thrift store about a month or so ago. I've never seen a cuter suitcase in my life and it is by for one of my favorite scores ever. Besides the 4 piece pink pyrex bowls I got for $10 a while ago. I regret letting those go when I closed my antique store. *sniff* ...well the best part besides the wonderful mod floral design in that it cost me .50 cents. I am so using this on my next vacation.

Happy Thrifting!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snowed in...decided to start my new blog...deleted the old

Wonderful snow...

So I've been snowed in for 4 days, I think I'm having thrifting withdrawls...sweating, shaking, trying to figure out "how can I get to the thrift stores? Just one more thing, thats all I need then I'll stop." "I'll I'll call a cab, no... they can't drive in this snow either."... I know I'm missing out on something. Like the day I hit this real boring looking yardsale only to see a wonderful PILE, yes 15-20 vintage table cloths. I had that out of body experience where my walk seems to be in slow motion and it seems to take like 5 min to walk 2ft. Anyway I muster up a way to find my voice to ask how much they are..."oh sorry hon, that lady over there just got 'em" and as I look down at them I see the tag that says 50 cents each!!! (insert tantrum here) Oh thanks, I casually say...I actually thought about throwing my $20 bill at her...grabing the tablecloths and running. Anyway, we thrift lovers all know the pain of missing out on something, being just 1 minute too late. And I'm sure we  have all been the lucky ones too, finding that amazing score and noticing that some woman is following you....just waiting for you to put it down. I've been the follower, I know the pain and I might even feel for the girl...really, I might.

So here are a few of my latest finds...

These wonderful pieces, so colorful! 2 red and 1 yellow scoop, these are going to look great in my rice and quinoa jars! Long orange spoon, 2 small red ladles (not sure what to do with these, but they'll look cute hanging in the kitchen) and these multi-color measuring cups (1/8, 1/4, 1/3 and 1/2 cup). I don't actually use plastic but they're perfect decorations for my kitchen and my daughter will love playing with them.
Some of them had price tags on them from an antique store, (I'm assuming someone closed their booth in on of our local antique stores) the prices on the tags ranged from $4.50 -$6.50. I got everything here for .50 cents.

And this beauty...

Yellow Mod bubble umberella! Clear Yellow with yellow lucite handle. We've already used it in the latest wind storm and when everyone's umbrellas collapsed inside out, ours totally held up. This cost .75 cents at one of our local thrift stores.

Happy Thrifting!!