Monday, March 29, 2010


I've been so busy with our move. My mother in law moved out this last weekend and now we're finally able to take our things out of storage. I'm a little curious why I even kept most of the things I did, I now realize that I'm in a completely different frame of mind now than I was when I was packing up the old house. This house was built in the 70's, not my favorite decade of house building but a heck of a lot better that the decades that followed (in terms of personality and being unique). I would love to have a cute craftman style house or cottage but this is what we have and there is a quaintness about it that I really love.

One of my favorite rooms in the house is our tiny master bathroom.

It has a pink bathtub and toilet, I'm assuming that there was once a pink sink too. This room needs a lot of work. The first thing I need to do is to some how take out some tiles that don't match the pink at all, replacing them with black tile. I'm also considering taking out the new glass doors and finding a cute shower curtain. I saw an adorable pink poodle shower curtain on another blog and I'm now scouring the internet for another but no luck so far.
I'm decorating the bathroom with the cute chalkware fish from my previous blog, this pink tissue box and some other pink items along with black accents. Like this sweet black and pink dish. I'm
    I'm Looking for a pink sink or vanity and some sort of mirror to replace the brown partical board vanity and medicine cabinet.

I'm beyond tired and feel totally lost about what I'm going to do with the rest of the house. My kitchen is coming along. I love collecting kitchy items so that has just fallen right into place. I think I should have some friends over for a decorating idea party.

I think I'll take some "before" pictures of my livingroom that I'll post. Of couse I'm still in the "before" stage so it will be exciting to accomplish the "after".  Time to do a lot more thrifting to fill up these blank walls!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I've been thrifting quite a lot lately but not taking any pictures. It's been too long since I've blogged because I'm working hard trying to build my cleaning business. So today's post are of items I bought over the last few months.

For the love a birds!

I found these adorable love birds at an antique store. I got them pretty cheap because part of the arrow was broken off the one with the heart. Aren't they so cute though??

I'm really loving birds right now. I'm keeping my eye out for a Lefton Bluebird, they're not cheap!

Can you get any better than a chalkware bluebird?

Well maybe if it's chalkware fish! I love this green and pink one with the umbrella!
Speaking of umbrellas:
I know it's hard to see, but this is a tiny silver umbrella I found, it has 7 little rhinestones, one at the top and 6 around the bottom. I think this will be perfect pinned on one of my hats.
I bought this set of 4 mugs just for the pink and orange umbrellas. They look just perfect on the cup holder I found on the same day at a different thrift store. Should I paint the cupholder or keep yellow? I'm not sure.
Last but not least this umbrella hatpin holder (I think). I'm not crazy about the roses but the soft pink is so perfect for my pink bathroom. I hold my eyeshadow brushes in it.
That's all for my older pictures, now I'm going to have to new pictures soon!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Time to do some baking...

This post really has nothing to do with actual baking, more like wishing I could bake. I do make homemade cookies quite often but when it comes to breads or cake, I just go to the store. However, I'm going to have to start baking now because I found the most absolute darling Sunbeam Mixmaster at a thrift store.

I've been coveting my friends RED Kitchen Aid mixer for some time now, but I wanted it in turquoise. So of course I went on Ebay and couldn't believe that I would have to pay over $200. for one. I don't bake that much. So I gave up my dream. Now I was raised by a very thrifty mother, and she always says "think about what you want and you will eventually find it at a yardsale or thrift store".  Well she's right!

This cost me $8.99 at a thrift store that I don't go to very often, now I have to put them on my thrifting route.

 I know it's not turquoise but this mint green is just so lovely. The only sad thing is that the bowl and some of the attachments were missing. Another score I bought this week was a large yellow Pyrex bowl. I looooove Pyrex, I've been collecting Pyrex for about 5 years. I was just staying with the turquois and red but I've decided to branch out and collect every color I find. This bowl cost me $5.00, it's worth anywhere from $18. -$25 depending on the antique store, and I think it looks beautiful paired with the mixer.

The best part is that the mixer works perfectly. Now I'm on the search for the attachments....and some recipes.
Have a beautiful week and....

Happy Thrifting!!!