Saturday, February 27, 2010

Plaid Love...

A day in the life of plaid...

I've always had a love for plaid. Not much of a plaid shirt wearer, more like a plaid suitcase collector. I do however have a red and white vintage plaid western shirt that I absolutely love. I don't go out searching for plaid items, I just all of sudden take a look around my home and notice that I really own a lot of things plaid.

Red and Yellow picnic basket marked $35., on sale for $12.
at a local antique shop.

About a month ago I went out thrifting and scouting antique shop sales and every single item I bought just happened to be plaid. 
This reversable cape originally $28. marked down to $8.
at the same antique store.

Next I went to a local thrift store and found this blue purse for $1.00 which is all I carry around now. I also got this big blue and white bag for .25 I carry it around to go thrifting so I don't have a lot of different grocery bags in my car. It holds sooo much and is amazingly strong. Now I know the hat isn't vintage and I didn't get the same day I got of these, but I love it and thought it deserved to spot in here....I wear it almost everyday now that I'm growing out my hair. Oh and I bought my daughter matching earmuffs they're sooo cute!


I once had a great collection of plaid thermos' but someone (me) washed them (dishwasher) and all of the paint peeled off. That someone should have known better.

Now I'm on the search for plaid skirts, shoes, tights, socks, dresses and tops with puffy shoulders and ruffles... I've completely found a new love of plaid!

So this next week I'm emptying out our storage unit and helping my mother in law pack her things to take to her new house. We have about 2 more weeks and I can really start fixing up my new home. I can't wait to set up my daughters room. She's been using our sunroom as her bedroom and it's just too small. I got her a 1940's bedroom set which included  a double bed, a vanity with a round mirror and a matching dresser. Once  her room is set up I'll take pictures.

Happy Thrifting!!


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