Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snowed in...decided to start my new blog...deleted the old

Wonderful snow...

So I've been snowed in for 4 days, I think I'm having thrifting withdrawls...sweating, shaking, trying to figure out "how can I get to the thrift stores? Just one more thing, thats all I need then I'll stop." "I'll I'll call a cab, no... they can't drive in this snow either."... I know I'm missing out on something. Like the day I hit this real boring looking yardsale only to see a wonderful PILE, yes 15-20 vintage table cloths. I had that out of body experience where my walk seems to be in slow motion and it seems to take like 5 min to walk 2ft. Anyway I muster up a way to find my voice to ask how much they are..."oh sorry hon, that lady over there just got 'em" and as I look down at them I see the tag that says 50 cents each!!! (insert tantrum here) Oh thanks, I casually say...I actually thought about throwing my $20 bill at her...grabing the tablecloths and running. Anyway, we thrift lovers all know the pain of missing out on something, being just 1 minute too late. And I'm sure we  have all been the lucky ones too, finding that amazing score and noticing that some woman is following you....just waiting for you to put it down. I've been the follower, I know the pain and I might even feel for the girl...really, I might.

So here are a few of my latest finds...

These wonderful pieces, so colorful! 2 red and 1 yellow scoop, these are going to look great in my rice and quinoa jars! Long orange spoon, 2 small red ladles (not sure what to do with these, but they'll look cute hanging in the kitchen) and these multi-color measuring cups (1/8, 1/4, 1/3 and 1/2 cup). I don't actually use plastic but they're perfect decorations for my kitchen and my daughter will love playing with them.
Some of them had price tags on them from an antique store, (I'm assuming someone closed their booth in on of our local antique stores) the prices on the tags ranged from $4.50 -$6.50. I got everything here for .50 cents.

And this beauty...

Yellow Mod bubble umberella! Clear Yellow with yellow lucite handle. We've already used it in the latest wind storm and when everyone's umbrellas collapsed inside out, ours totally held up. This cost .75 cents at one of our local thrift stores.

Happy Thrifting!!


megan said...

i love your description of the pile of tablecloths you missed... i've been going thru tons of stuff at my house, i think i have my own thrift store here..!

Anonymous said...

Tonya, I LOVE your blog and completely share your passion for finding treasures. My mom and I "divide and conquer" sales trying to find that one thing! And know your frustration when someone else gets it first. Follow them, maybe they'll put it down!!

Rachael Hutton-Remmick :)

So cool that we've reconnected!!