Friday, February 26, 2010

A bit about me

Short story long....

So I've lived in Prescott since I was 8. I used to have a love/hate relationship with this town. There was never enough to do when I was younger, there's too many old people, you can walk arcoss town in a matter of 5 on and so on.  I always told myself that I would get back to California one day and never live in Prescott again. I became a mom at a young age and it just wasn't that easy to move somewhere new and still be able to support the two of us. I did move to Santa Barbara for 4 months when I was 24 thinking that I could just get a job and a small apartment, enroll my son in school and everything would be just great....didn't exactly happen that way. It costs just wayyyy to money to live in a coastal town. (So unfair) Well I came back to Prescott, years past, had a daughter, got married and bought a house. Only at the time the house prices were sky high and we ended up buying a house in Prescott Valley (an even smaller town). I really did love it though because our house was sort of cottage looking with a cute little front porch and a huge Weeping Willow in the front yard. What I didn't like was living 25-45 min drive (depending on the time of day) to Prescott every day. I owned a clothing store (sold it 3 years ago) and an antique store in downtown Prescott so I was driving a lot. Growing up, My mom and I lived in her victorian house just 1 block from down town. I'm used to getting almost everwhere on foot.

Well of corse the economy crashed, house prices died and we were stuck in a house that was worth half of what we owed on it. Oh and did I mention that I had to close my antique store due to the bad economy? Bummer. Anyway, my mother in law has owned a cute little house here in Prescott since the early '90's. She was trying to sell it in order not to go into forclosure (tough times) but it never sold. So the day before she was going to stop making her house payments, I asked her if my husband (her son) and I could take over her house, we would go into forclosure on our house instead of hers. It would save her credit and we would be in a house back in Prescott. So short story long, We left our house about 5 months ago and have been living with my mother in law. Um yeah.  Well she ended buying a little house in Prescott Valley and she'll be moving in to it in about 2 weeks. My husband is remodeling it for her first but he's almot done.

I have come to really love Prescott. I love that it's small and I love that you can walk almost anywhere. The last few years Prescott has made some major shifts. There is more to do now, sometimes you really have to look for it but it's there. There seems to be a new scene here that I don't remember being here 10 years ago. There's a lot of artists and crafters, knitters, funky clothes makers ect. Since I've lived here, Prescott seems to have always been ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to all natural products and organic foods, shopping local, protecting the earth ect. When I moved here at 8 there was a natural food store called Allens Nu Way, it eventually became Prescott Natural Foods and sadly closed about 3 years ago. There's also great hiking and biking trails here, lakes to picnic at or rent a canoe, skate park for the kids, alternative schools, a great assortment of local coffee shops and so much more. I think I also like Prescott more now because I'm just not a kid anymore. I'm officially in my late 30's and I can't tell you how happy I am to be out of my 20's!!!

So, I no longer want out. I want to stay right here, in our cute little house, with my wonderful husband, my sweet kids and our crazy dog Lucy aka Lucyfer.

So for the next few weeks I'll have some pictures of small areas of our new home, but since we're just starting to move our things in, there will be very few. Well that was a little bit of what I'm up to up to. If you stop by please say hi. I know I'm new but I've got some great finds to show you! Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Thrifting!!


Chickenbells said...

The Hell? You only lived in SantaBarbara FOUR months and STILL missed my wedding?! How is that possible? I swear it seemed like longer.


Now I'm going to have to get married again just to prove my point (I'm not sure what that is, but when I am...I'll let you know)


Anonymous said...

Tonya, I loved hearing about your life after High School!!! I am sooo happy Prescott is still "home". I have been gone from there for 18 years (wow!) but when I see pictures of it they tug at my heart! LOVE your blog! : )


Tonya said...

I know Sadie, I was there only 4 months, June to Oct. and I still missed your wedding. I promise to be at your next wedding :)

Wow Rachael! 18 years? I can't believe it. I'll post some Prescott pics for you sometime. Thanks for reading!